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12 02 2009

What can I say about technology and society?

We love our gadgets, we love to stay connected and most of all, we love to talk about ourselves.

I am new to the Twitter phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the globe — apparently I had my head crammed too far into a textbook to notice the new latest and greatest in social networking.

I was first introduced to Twitter in the form of this YouTube video that now has been viewed nearly 800,000 times. While it’s fun to laugh at the characterization of someone who is so desperate to stay connected, it made me stop and wonder, “Is it really that far off?”

While perusing some online articles, I came across one on Fox that talked about a man who was in a plane crash and started sending “Tweets” out before he had even left the burning wreckage.

While I can see the merits of a service like Twitter, the world really does not need to know if you’re putting ketchup or mustard on your hotdog, and personal safety should still trump technological addictions.

Still, ready or not, Twitter is creating a whole new outlet for those of you citizen-journalists out there. Batter up.

Note to self: next time you are in any kind of burning transportation vehicle, be it a plane, a train, or a Toyota Camry, make sure to exit it before you so kindly inform all of your nearest and dearest about your latest adventure.




One response

16 02 2009

Can you imagine if twitter had existed way back in 2001 during 9/11? It’s crazy to think those phone calls could have been in addition to “tweets.”

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